Tourist Attractions in Bali Hits & Popular for Holidays

5 popular tourist attractions in Bali 

Tourist Attractions in Bali Hits & Popular for Holidays-Who doesn't know Bali? This tourist destination is a pride of Indonesia because it is quite popular with the beauty in it which is quite charming which makes it visited a lot, both domestic tourists and foreign tourists.

Bali has always been a recommended tour to spend vacation time and build beautiful moments that will not be forgotten. What are the interesting attractions in Bali to visit?

1, Campuhan Hill

Nature tourism in Bali is indeed quite viral at instragram lately because it presents a stunning natural landscape. Green hills filled with tropical trees complete with rice fields and valleys. Because the place is so romantic and exotic, this hill is also dubbed as the Campuhan Love Hill.

Unfortunately because of its location which is rather hidden, there have not been many tourists visiting this place. But that's why this area is still very natural and its beauty is maintained. There are many activities that you can do, starting from jogging, trekking, and taking the best photos in Campuhan Hill.

2. Pandawa Beach

This white sand beach is quite popular lately because it offers a view that is so exotic and charming. Located in Kutuh Village, Kec. South Kuta, Kab. Badung, this beach has a sloping stretch of coastline, clean, and a rather wide shoreline, so it is very suitable for tourism with family.

There are many activities that you can try in this place ranging from swimming, canoeing, visiting 5 statues of Pandawa knights, surfing, relaxing for a moment with traditional massage, and many more.

3. Bali Waterbom

Water park tourism on the island of Bali has been awarded for 3 consecutive years as the best waterpark in Asia and the second best in the world. So you can imagine how exciting the water rides that are in Bali Waterboom. If you like games that can test adrenaline, then you can try wsuper bowl, jungle rides, ace track, boomerang, and many more.

Not only is the attractive place, the scenery around Bali Waterboom also really deserves appreciation. Tropical gardens in this tourist area are so charming and indulgent. Tourism that is in an area of 3.8 hectares is open every day starting at 9am to 6pm WITA.

4. Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK)

Garuda Wisnu Kencana or GWK is one of the cultural tourism parks in South Bali. This tour is indeed quite popular, especially when the construction of the Garuda Wisnu Kencana giant statue has been completed successfully.

You can enjoy the grandeur of the statue by I Nyoman Nuarta which is also accompanied by the beauty of the limestone hills around it. And not only that, in GWK there is an art theater where you can see various types of Balinese arts and dances every day.

5. Kuta Beach

Who doesn't know Kuta Beach? This beach tourism feels like one of the tourist icons of the Island of the Gods. The charm and exoticism of Kuta Beach really can't be doubted. So it is not surprising if every day Kuta beach is filled with local and foreign tourists.

That's why if you want to visit Kuta beach, then you can try using a motorcycle or walking from certain spots because this area is quite crowded. There are many interesting activities that you can do while on Kuta Beach, from sunbathing, playing beach soccer or volleyball, surfing, sunbathing, and much more. Kuta beach is open to the public and visitors are not charged at all.

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